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Test Your Skills With a Data Science Crossword

Test your skills with a Data Science crossword created by Dataiku! We can't get enough!

October 2019

Test Your Skills With a Data Science Crossword

Data scientists are some of the busiest people in tech, but that doesn't mea that they don't enjoy a little bit of fun! Check out this crossword puzzle created by Dataiku that merges both work and play - if you dare...



Written by Triveni Gandhi, a Dataiku Data Scientist and crossword buff, "Mo' Data? No Problems" is a whimsical crossword for data enthusiasts. Gandhi is a big fan of the New York Times crossword and the steps The Inkubator is taking to publish and support more women in crosswords. While the NYT often repeats words and clues, ("ERA" is an answer once every few weeks) this puzzle is one-of-a-kind. Dataiker Charlie Cohen got a sneak peak at the puzzle, and says that it's “cleverly constructed and filled with zany data science clues."