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Life at Parallel: An Interview with Heather Basson

What's it like to start out as an Associate at Parallel? We sat down with Heather Basson to find out what life at parallel is all about!

July 2019

Life at Parallel: An Interview with Heather Basson

When did you start working at Parallel?

I’ve been working at Parallel for over a year now. It feels like so much longer, but it’s gone by very quickly.

What initially attracted you to recruitment?

When I first got head hunted for recruitment, I didn’t really think much of it; however, when my recruiter went through the commission structure and benefits, my eyes were opened to the amount of money you can make with the hard work that you put in. This appealed to me as I’m very money motivated 😊

What advice would you give to someone considering a switch into recruitment from a sales job?

If you’re hard working, driven and money motivated, then recruitment could definitely be the job for you. My past jobs were in sales and I found myself always working so hard with very little payback – not to mention I really struggled to maintain a good work-life balance. When I joined Parallel, I started to see the benefits of the hard work I put in – I even still have enough time to go out and be sociable!

What training has Parallel offered you to support your personal growth to date?

I joined Parallel as a Trainee Consultant with no recruitment experience and within 2 months found myself in a delivery role. Soon after, I made multiple placements each month for two of our clients which helped me get promoted to a 360 Recruitment Consultant all within 6 months of joining. I owe a great deal of my success to our internal Learning and Development programme. Each employee who joins Parallel goes through an extensive training course with our Learning and Development Manager. What I really appreciate about our office is that once the training course is completed, you are continuously supported by management and peers. I still find myself always encouraged to ask questions and to sit in on any workshops that can benefit me in the future.

As we know, recruitment has its challenges – how do you stay motivated?

Like any sales job, you will start from the bottom and work your way up. You expect to get knocked down several times, but what’s nice about a job in recruitment at Parallel is that the incentives are great and very motivating. I also found that my conversations with Top Billers and peers were incredibly inspiring because everyone I would talk to had felt what I was going through.

What would you say is your favourite thing about working at Parallel?

For me one of my favourite things about Parallel is the culture. Everyone who works here is so outgoing and friendly – qualities that immediately stuck out for me when I first joined. After receiving an offer to join, I was invited out to drinks by my team, which made me so much more comfortable before my first day. By the time I started, I felt as if I knew everyone and had been at the company for ages!

What has been your favourite experience with Parallel?

One of my favourite experiences is when we took our company trip to Ibiza last year. I’ve never been to Ibiza before, but going on holiday with 30 of my colleagues was something I also had never experienced. At the time, I had only been at the company for 3 months and was still a Trainee, so to witness the collective effort put in to go on this trip was incredibly rewarding.  Of course, Ibiza was also amazing too!



Thanks Heather for sitting and chatting with us about Life at Parallel! If you want to reach out to Heather to chat to her about what it's like to work here or if you are interested in working with her because you are looking for a job or looking to fill a contract role in Digital Transformation & Business Change, get in touch with her by email or via LinkedIn!