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Digital Earth: The Growth of Java

According to one of our consultants at Parallel HQ in London, developers need to stay on top of technical advancements within Java as the digital world continues to evolve. Read what Jake Brown has to say about the burgeoning Java market.

February 2020

Digital Earth: The Growth of Java


Around 3 billion devices worldwide are currently running Java. This brings into question the future of Java, a future of which I think is very bright. With a huge influx of new start-up companies and the evolution of the digital world continuous, coding languages like Java are becoming essential to most businesses looking to create a digital footprint.

Each year Java brings out a series of updates and the frameworks around Java are constantly growing- and, they need to. Developers need to keep on top of the movement as new technical advancements are made, which in turn modernises the digital world. We live in a world where technology is the forefront of everything we do in our day to day lives. A big part of how those technologies work is based around the coding behind the software, which will only continue to evolve. Java development has come a long way over the years, with more job opportunities opening across the industry and becoming part of the syllabus in most schools.

Since I began working as a Software Development Consultant, I have noticed a huge increase in the demand for developers across all sectors. Industries are all looking for ways to keep agile and run as efficiently as possible. From banking clients wanting to roll out brand new digital banking platforms to keep up with competitors to insurance companies urgently needing to update legacy systems with new software as the old becomes outdated to new start-up companies with goals to become the next Apple.

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning." - Albert Einstein


I have noticed a growing demand for developers who have experience in taking Java based systems into a cloud native environment. There has been a

rise in popularity for using cloud platforms as companies continue to expand their audiences. This has resulted in clients looking to recruit those who have experience in implementing application onto a cloud-based platform.

This demand has created a new microcosm in and of itself. Clients are looking for Developers who can take contracts to purely update legacy systems and adopt a cloud native approach. What’s the benefit for developers? There is no urgent need to learn any new language to implement this change, with the focus on the systems running well in a cloud environment.

I find myself as very fortunate to be in a position where I can witness this evolution as I speak with both candidates and clients alike. This ranges from creative developers keen to get hands on with new tech to our wide clientele explaining their requirements and how best to approach such projects and who best to have on board. Being part of the process that gets to create these revolutionary teams that change the way an industry work is something I take pride in every day.

If you are a developer and want to progress your career on this Digital Earth, contact me or my team to hear about our exciting opportunities across Europe. Connect with me on LinkedIn by clicking here or feel free to reach out to me by email or phone:

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